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ECAIA ionizer S faucet

The ECAIA ionizer S faucet can be connected directly to the ECAIA ionizer S, allowing it to be positioned below the worktop.


MY WATER BOTTLE is a 0.75l reusable glass bottle, held in a shockproof, OEKO-TEX® certified protective fabric cover.

ECAIA cartridge

Spare filter cartridge for the mineral flow-through ECAIA carafe.

ECAIA replac. cartridges (3-pcs)

No. 3 replacement filter cartridges (3-pack), suitable for the ECAIA carafe, the mineral flow-through water ionizer.

ECAIA allhygienics 500 IT

ECAIA+ allhygienics 500ml is a ready-to-use surface sanitizing detergent in a ready-to-use aqueous solution. It removes bacteria and other micro-organisms.

Aluminum case for the ECAIA ionizer

Trolley Aluminum case for storing and transporting the ECAIA electric water ionizer.

Water tank (ECAIA carafe)

Water tank, trasparent-opaque. To insert the ECAIA cartridge.

ECAIA+ refill (5 pcs)

ECAIA+ refill is a 50ml empty cylindrical bottle with spray head. Ideal for filling with ECAIA+ allhygienics“ disinfectant.
Scope of delivery: 5 bottles.

Hose for acidic water 7/9

Plastic hose for the outflow of acidic water produced by water ionizers.
For ECAIA ionizer.
Internal diameter: 7mm; external diameter: 9mm Color: gray
Sold by the meter.

Hose for acidic water 8/12

Plastic hose for the outflow of acidic water produced by water ionizers.
For ECAIA and AlkaBest water ionizers.
Internal diameter: 8mm; external diameter: 12mm Color: gray
Sold by the meter.

Acidic water faucet

For ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest.

Flexible Faucet alkaline water

Designed for use with ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest

Carafe with energizing plate (ECAIA c...

Pitcher, container for filtered ECAIA water, trasparent, without lid, without tank.

Descaler kit for water ionizer

Submersible descaler pump for descaling all electric water ionizers. Perfect for ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest.

Cover without filter indicator (ECAIA...

White lid, with a hole near the center with a push-down cap, without filter indicator (timer)

Electronic filter indicator (ECAIA ca...

Watertight digital filter display (timer) for the ECAIA carafe. The timer indicates when the cartridge needs to be changed.

T-piece for 3/8" angle valves

Angle valve suitable for below-sink connection of ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest water ionizers.

Diverter valve incl. thread

Adapter for connecting the ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest directly to your faucet.

White water hose 1/4"

Inlet hose (1/4") Ø 6mm for ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest water ionizers

Citric acid for descaling

Citric acid for descaling and clearing ECAIA ionizer and AlkaBest water ionizers.