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ECAIA ionizer S

The ECAIA ionizer S is an electric water ionizer.
It can be positioned above or below the work surface.

ECAIA ionizer S faucet chrome

The ECAIA ionizer S faucet can be connected directly to the ECAIA ionizer S, allowing it to be positioned below the worktop.
Surface: chrome-plated glossy

ECAIA carafe

The ECAIA carafe is a mineral flow-through water ionizer. Differently from an electric water ionizer, this carafe does not require electricity.

ECAIA glass jug S

This carafe made of borosilicate glass with integrated “e-smog protected-plate” by memon is compatible with the ECAIA carafe S and is suitable for filling with ECAIA water and other drinks.

ECAIA glass

SANUSLIFE drinking glass is made of robust borosilicate glass. Thin, light, practical and stylish
Scope of delivery: 6 drinking glasses


MY WATER BOTTLE is a 0.75l reusable glass bottle, held in a shockproof, natural hemp-based protective fabric cover.

BIOTHERM®-Kristall -Energie Löschen

BIOTHERM®-Kristall-Energie Matte Gr. 90x190x2cm
ist aus natürlicher Substanz, die 16 Kristalle in Kombination mit Gold und Mineralien enthält, einzigartig und Europaweit patentiert mit Strahlenschutzwirkung, um vollkommene Körperenergie zu erreichen.